At EQ Studios, we are aware that the creation of good music requires an ambience that goes beyond the simple laying down of tracks. With the lay-out of our recording and leisure facilities combined with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we do go the extra mile to ensure that your visit to the studio is not only productive, but also great fun! No matter if you are a seasoned professional or a recent starter, you will find that we pay the closest attention to your needs to make sure that the completed music is in line with your specific requirements. Long experience and the knowledge acquired along the way, has taught us that none of us ever stops learning, and that the shyly offered opinion of the complete beginner often holds the key to a magic production. So, WE LISTEN TO YOU! The 'studio experience' is a shared one, but, at EQ Studios, we never lose sight of the fact that you are king/queen, and, for all our expertise and creative talent, we are here only to be of service to you. We would encourage you to bring along samples of other artistes/groups to give us an idea of the direction you want your production to take, and while we don't copy these records, it does give us an opportunity to start the session on the right footing - and it can save masses of time and money!

Our main Control Room where most of the work gets done, is lit with natural light, air-conditioned and spacious enough to create the kind of relaxed environment conducive to great creative results. We also have a sound-proofed, acoustically treated Live Room totally separate from the Control Room. In addition there is a spacious leather-sofa'd Recreational Area where you can step out of the working environment of the Control Room and recharge your batteries with a little relaxation and a nice cup of tea!