We have been providing backing-track services for musicals for the past fifteen years, including:

Valentines Day (Denis King/Benny Green)
Staged at Festival Theatre, Chichester, 1992.

A Saint She Ain’t (Denis King/Dick Vosburgh)
Staged at Kings Head Theatre, London, 1999.

The Ghost of Sarah Haunting (Mike Benyon)
Staged at Millfield Theatre, London, 2000.

London Town* (Terry Moss)
Staged at Arundel Festival and Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 2006.

Fisherton (Brian Mullen)
In production, prior to tour of East-coast resorts early 2007.

* To hear samples of our work from the above musical, visit

We also specialise in schools productions at very competitive rates. We can organise production of CDs for sale at your show. From our experience, this can make a big contribution to your initial production costs!

From a simple piano accompaniment to full-scale orchestral production, we can tailor the music to fit your requirements and accommodate your budget. For further details, contact John Hamilton on 020 8968 3322, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.