Control Room

Control Room Mixing DeskThe heart of the control room is the Mackie D8B 72-channel digital mixer.

This console has set a new bench mark in sonic quality and versatility in both the recording and mix-down processes. Each channel has a built-in compressor and noise gate plus 2 separate EQs. All-function automation is standard.

Both audio and MIDI recording is done in Logic 9, running on a 8-core Apple Mac Pro. The 24 tracks of audio are linked to the Mackie desk via MOTU 2408.


Mackie D8B Mixing Console - Both audio and MIDI recording are carried out in Logic 9 running on an 8-core Apple Mac Pro - 24 tracks of audio with MOTU 2408 Mk2 - Apple/Logic plugins come as standard.


Akai S3000 with 32 MB Expansion.  Logic EXS 24 complete with massive library!


Roland RD 170 Piano | Access Virus | Proteus 2000 | Korg N1 | Yamaha TX7 | Novation A Station.
In addition we have dozens of soft synths including Stylus RMX and Trilogy Bass


Fender Strat (50s re-issue) | Fender Precision Bass (Pre-CBS) | Yamaha Electro/Acoustic


Yamaha PC602 Power Amp | Acoustic Energy AE1 Monitors | Yamaha Bass Driver