Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather!


Bit of an EQ update for you all. I have been working with two brilliant new clients over the past few weeks - Marguerite Griffiths, who is undertaking an album of self-penned instrumentals as well as some original songs is a very original talent whose  writing reveals a broad appreciation of all music forms. Through her I have also been introduced to several new session singers whom I can call on for other clients' projects.


The second new client is Lesley Wilson, a Scottish lady whose writing  definitely reveals her Celtic roots! In addition to her 'serious' writing  though, she also composes comedy songs. Naturally, sessions with Lesley have  been great fun.


Another new client, Rob Turvil, was in recently laying down a really great pop  song. I was recommended to Rob by Wes Cardy, a client of many years  standing, and a talented writer and performer in his own right.


And some very exciting news, my daughter, Alyce Practyce, will have her first single out shortly. It is a ballad cover of a Beatles song 'I've Just Seen a Face' and  the i-tunes release will be accompanied by a video which is in the final  editing stages. Both Alyce and I are very excited about the release as it should provide a good kick-start to her career. I'll keep you posted!